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     EPP2000-HR High Resolution Spectrometers

EPP2000-HR Models
Range 190-1100nm

The EPP2000-HR High Resolution fiber optic spectrometers are available in several low cost models for UV, VIS, and NIR applications. The cost is a $500 HR upgrade from a standard BLUE-Wave model.

The HR spectrometers have double the resolution over standard models with the same grating. The wavelength range is reduced by the same factor. Resolutions better than 0.1nm can be achieved depending on selected model range, detector, and slit size.

Applications include wavelength monitoring and characterization for tunable lasers/LEDs and other sources such as elemental emissions from plasma & Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. Also, optical sensing of temperature, pressure, & position are enabled via Bragg grating technology.

EPP2000-NIR4-HR- High Resolution Miniature spectormeter taking HgA Emission Spectrum

High Resolution Miniature Spectrometer LG Plasma Emission Spectrum

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Optional Configurations
Several units may be daisy chained via a parallel cable or USB-2 hub allowing simple configurations for dual and multi-beam process applications.

Free SpectraWiz Software
The powerful SpectraWiz® 32 bit spectrometer software is provided free of charge with every spectrometer instrument.  This includes drivers and customizable software for operation on Win95 / Win98 / WinNT / WinME / Win2000 /WinXP.    The SpectraWiz software is considered the "Swiss Army Knife of Spectroscopy and may be used to accurately measure wavelength emissions, reflectance, transmission, absorption, concentrations, and absolute intensities.  In addition to real-time spectroscopy,  SpectraWiz® has built-in applications for SpectroRadiometry, SpectroColorimetry, ChemWiz chemistry lab concentration analyzer, and UV level monitors.

The system includes a high speed plug & play interface using USB-2 connection.

High Resolution StellarNet Spectrometers in PORTA-LIBS system.  These high resolution models can also be bought separately from the system !!! Check it out


          Specifications                  StellarNet Detector Information                How to Determine Spectral Resolution

Dynamic Range: 2000:1 with 8 decades Dimensions: 44 x 94 x 150 mm
Optical Resolution: see model table - to 0.1 nm Power Consumption: 100 mA @ 5 VDC
Detector Type: 2048 pixel CCD, PDA opt. Interface: Parallel and USB-2
Detector Range: 190-1600 nm Data Transfer Speed: 3x / 40x faster than USB-1
Pixel Size: 14 x 200 um Detector Integration: 1 ms to 65 s
Diffraction Gratings: Holographic & ruled Slit Size Options: 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 um
Grating g/mm: 300, 600, 1200, 1800, 2400 Stray Light: <0.1% at 435 nm; <0.05% at 600 nm
Spectrograph: f/4, SymX-Czerny-Turner Fiber Optic Input: SMA905 0.22 na single fiber
Order Sorting Filter: Integrated & High Pass Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7
Signal to Noise: 1000:1 CCD, PDA 2000:1 Software Included: SpectraWiz program & apps
Digitizer: 16-bit Also Free Programs For: LabView / VC / VBA / Delphi

The SpectraWiz software is included to accurately measure wavelength emissions, reflectance, transmission, absorption, concentrations, and absolute intensities.

      High Resolution Configurations

EPP2000 HR Model Wavelength Range (nm) Grating 
g / mm
Grating Range
Nm / pixel
nm res.
nm res.
nm res.
UV3 200-340 1800 140 0.068 0.30 0.20 0.10
UV4 200-300 2400 100 0.048 0.21 0.14 0.07
NIR2 900-1075 1200 175 0.085 0.26 0.17 0.09
NIR3 750-850 1800 100 0.049 0.15 0.10 0.05
NIR4 500-580 2400 80 0.039 0.12 0.08 0.04

StellarNet SpectraWiz Software                                   (PDF needs Acrobat Reader ver4+)  
StellarNet Spectrometer Features to Compare
             (PDF needs Acrobat Reader ver4+)
StellarNet Portable Spectrometer General Information   (PDF needs Acrobat Reader ver4+)
StellarNet Spectrometer Accessories
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